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Look at this. I have a livejournal.  Still.  And I still know how to log in to it.

I'm in Raleigh.  Look, here's proof:


*.* __^
; ; __  |
|| ||   ||

See?  That's a picture of the cat here (named Brenda) that I had to draw in text because I forgot that Livejournal charges you to directly upload files.  

There's another cat named Casper and a dog named Link.  Link is one of those dogs that stares at you until you hear his voice and then it makes total sense to go all Son of Sam.  I'm getting him some sunglasses and a job.

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I'm 25 Years Old and I Don't Know What 'Mordant' Means

Its my birthday.  I'm now officially old.  25 is the age where if I see in the newspaper that somebody was killed at age 25, I don't think "oh... he was young."  Old enough to die, bored enough to keep living. 

I'm honoring the day by hanging out with my second favorite bartender from back in Osaka.  She's here for a conference about children's brains or something.  Something that'd appeal to both mad scientists and teachers.  So its been more of my favorite things... cooking, drinking, eating, pretending to write a novel and watching Casablanca.  Probably going out to dinner tonight.

Birthday presents:
-Steely Dan tickets (fuck.  yeah.  holy goddamn applesauce Indian bakesale am I excited)
-Books: Borges' encyclopedia of imaginary creatures (I never knew this existed!  The title is personally exciting for other reasons) and this cool fat book that's a fusion between a novel and a comic book (sorta) with all these charcoal illustrations.  Very exciting.  This ties in with something I'm thinking of doing with The Novel.
-Scarf.  I don't wear scarves but I could be persuaded to learn.  However, I will never drive with a scarf on due to a particularly indie demise described to my by my future sister in law.  (He was lynched by his cool!  And inertia!)
-Journals.  Real nice Moleskine ones.  Office supply fetish!
-Money.  Grandma comes through with the $5!  I spend it on seeds!  And exclamation points!  The folks gave a little cash which will be going towards application fees for the Grad School Option.

Fan Fiction Contest!

So I'm trying to figure out my life.  This results in a lot of combinations of LOCATION, EMPLOYMENT and FUTURE PATH written down on receipts, graph paper and the pages of composition books.  How about you?  Got any ideas + compelling reasons to pursue them with the vigor my late 20s?

So far I've come up with:
-Grad school (Library and Info Science at Drexel or NC State or someplace)
-Going the hell back to Osaka
-Just moving somewhere and getting a job and figuring out how to be interested in whatever life I come up with
-Something magical drops out of the sky and takes me up to Awesome Job/Living Situation Land

Whoever comes up with some great ideas I use and prosper by will get baked goods, a beer and twenty dollars.

-Going to be planting a garden.  Fava beans, green beans, pumpkins, watermelons and herbs.  Some wildflowers too.  Think I'll use cinderblocks as planters to avoid contact witht eh quite possibly toxic Somerville soil.
-I thought I heard a riot and looked out the window to see a parade full of Little Leaguers walking down the street with firetrucks and cops.  New hot thing: full grown women wearing baseball uniforms.
-I'm serious about the fan fiction thing.  Offers of a couch to crash on and job-bearing people to introduce me to get extra points.
-What's with the lack of small dark cafes in Davis Square?  That's supposed to be one of the perks of putting up with jackass college students everywhere, right?
-Oh well.  At least outside there's an ultra serious man with male pattern baldness and a guitar case on his back walking down the street briskly and talking on his cellphone while dressed in black.  Right.  Now.
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Hmmm... probably the longest I've gone without posting in awhile.  Kinda segueing into a recluse thing. 
If you miss me, call me or write me. 

Next big thing:  trying to figure out life post-AmeriCorps. 

Sounds Like:
badly draining gutters
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+Had a great time in NYC... saw old friends, caught up, visited Queens College, decided not to go there for grad school

-Got my wallet stolen in Brighton. Was barely between the corner liquor store and Kevin's place when it happened. Some nice lady found it on the other side of town, down in the South End. Thieves swiped my cash and bought all sorts of banal stuff on my cards. "Awww sheeit. We just swiped some dude's credit card! We're gonna go buck wild out at... OLD NAVY!" In fucking Dorchester no less. What a spree, asshats. At least they left my library card.

+went on the Sam Adams Brewery tour. For the 3rd time in about a month.

+Found a bunch of wrapped up LPs of some dude's rap track and a few mixes. Made some bowls, a la http://www.readymademag.com/feature_1_newspin.php

+Bowls will come in handy at the after party I'm hosting for the Beyond Broadcast conference. Gonna drink up a case of my homebrew and watch nerds try to hit on my friends with breasts by talking about videoblogging. Probably gonna play a lot of Mclusky 'til everyone goes home.

-Borrowed The Killers' Hot Fuss out of the library and ripped it to my iTunes. Why? Dumb, misguided nostalgia for a bar I didn't really like hanging out in in the first place. Nostalgia for background music is always misintentioned.

So now Boston's got my cell phone, money, credit cards, bike, headphones and it broke my DV cam. Fuck this town, its got about 6 months to start doing good by me or I'm gonna start sandbagging fools 'round Fanneiul Hall and tattooing Mooninites on their fleshy ass cheeks.

The fuck's with listening to The Killers? What, do I own one of them button up shirts with Spiderman on it? All thwipping at shit?
Sounds Like:
The Killers - All These Things That I Have Done
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Yes. Yes.

My beer came out. I'm so overjoyed. By that, I do not mean that my beer has become publicly gay, I mean that it successfully turned into a tasty alcoholic beverage. Wasn't due to crack one open until Friday but I just couldn't wait. Tasted nice, but yes, a little young. This means I can start writing obscene things on the duct tape on the bottles and plan the party. THE PARTY WHERE WE DRINK.

Other business:
-Sick. Head cold. Thus, feeling distant, tired and unmotivated. Low tolerance for other people's problems.
-The gargantuan video project at work (Codename: Doing Some Kids' Work For Them) should be wrapped by tomorrow. Sweet. Hoppin'. Christ. I'm unfamiliar with the sensation of undoom and dread.
-Don't think I bragged yet about finally getting a bathroom key. I can (almost) pee when I want!
-Just read some great comics journalism called Pyongyang. Its about a Quebecois/French animator who spends two months working in North Korea.
-Also what is cool is Paul Auster. The Book of Illusions continues to be an excellent read.
-The record an album in a month thing not going so well due to head cold and post work deadness. Rhythm and inspiration tend to go the way of the buffalo when my head feels like its been entirely assembled out of cardboard. Note to self: Clear 6 hours of your weekend and crank out rhythm tracks for already written songs. When in doubt, try to be LCD Soundsystem and Roy Orbison. At the SAME TIME.
-KT7 called me and told me stuff. Aww yeah.
-Currently sketching out Life After September plans. If you have any, let me know. All I've been doing is setting up library school visits and thinking about which cities I don't want to live in. That's mostly a matter of avoiding driving, riots and emotional gouging. Know any cute loaded women that needs a sarcastic jerk house husband? I can cook pie and beer. I intimidate bears, teenagers and meth folks.

I expect all my problems to clear the fuck up by Thursday at the latest.
Sounds Like:
Archers of Loaf - All the Nation's Airports
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blah blah blah I'm in raleigh having a good time

that feel pretty good. having a time and just runing with it.

there are also bands involved.

that's cool.

* * *
Drunk Dogs

So I have a phone again. Same number as before so don't go erasing me. Also, go ahead and call me so I have your number because you know I didn't write it down before.

-I also went to the Sam Adams brewery tour today. Free beer and learning about brewing.
-I also went to Dawn's house and had tea and leftover pumpkin pancakes and sat aorund shooting the shit with her and her boyfriend. I cna even call it networking because I asked him to get me a job in September. And I got it settled that I'm gonna go rock off faces on Thursday night cooking some damn food at their place.
-I also ate an excellent sandwich with soem fancy blend of rhoobis tea.
-All this was done with Elena.
-I want to move to Jamaica Plain.

Last night saw beer bottling in the kitchen with lots of spillage and weird siphoning. Assisted by Kevinmms. The beer will now sit for 2-3 weeks next to my radiator until magic happens. "You see, when yeast and priming sugar love each other very much..."

AND Yuusuke sent me a letter fresh offa his typewriter. Got it today. If you look back a few months I'm pretty sure there's a picture of that dude drunkenly kissing me at my beach party.

So things are pretty good. February is set to feature some travel and good times and less getting my guts kicked out. Let's call it the spirit of 2003. This is my theme song again.
Sounds Like:
The Walkmen - Everyone Who Pretended To Like Me Is Gone
* * *
Slap the Slander Out My Mouth
Patriots lost. The whole goddamn city is gonna be having its period tomorrow. Motherfuckers on the train will be all grimacing from cramps. JFC, goddamn it.

Re-yeasted the beer last night, hiked up the thermostat. Just gonna fucking prime and bottle it in a week, hell or high water. Smelled all boozy last night when I was stirring in the yeast.

Been... nope, not talking about that.

I think this will now just be my cussjournal. I will cuss mightily. Cockfucker kneebiter touchbottler!

If you comment, from now on, you must cuss. This is the LAW.

I also made a daily planner out of a moleskine. I will soon be making a directory of all informations vital from an old address book. I am gonna organize this here me and run roughshod over all the sinners. Then I'm either gonna go to library school or start a business in a foreign country.

GET JA OR DIE TRYING. I'm not mentioning nothing hilarious because it'd give me away.
* * *
The Beer is Brewing
There's 5 gallons of potential beer in my room, next to the radiator. Gonna reprogram the thermostat to favor conditions ripe for the fermentation of Steam style beer (AKA California Common beer)

Current leader among names for said beer:
Crassachussetts Cockpuncher: Beer So Good You'll Shut the Fuck Up, Finally.

Gonna get on the Photoshop for that.

This is a beer for assholes. I'm going to drink it and air half-thought out grievences. Loudly. C'mon by when this happens. There will also likely be minor bloodshed and a special appearance by My Wang.

Pissed off is the new capri pants. Out.
* * *
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